Regarding Her

Hi there, 

My name is Serena del Rey. 

You may have formerly known me as Arielle at Cupid's Escorts, a well-kept secret by those who have been seeing me and have become addicted.

Appearance wise, and in disposition, I have been compared to a hybrid of a 2012 Lana del Rey, and Christina Hendricks in Mad Men. 

My face is not visible in my photos, and therefore I have been told I am more beautiful in person. I have a youthful appearance due to my good genetics. My green eyes are adorned with winged eye liner, my brows bold, and my soft, supple lips want to kiss yours. My auburn hair grazes over my shoulders, and gives me that foxy, Jessica Rabbit look. I have soft, ivory skin, an Aphrodite-like figure, carrying my weight in my curves in all the right places. My height elongates my body, but otherwise I am a curvy lady with some killer hips.


My smile is contagious, and I have a way of connecting with people without too many words. My eyes will gaze into yours throughout our date and I will pay particular attention to detail. I have a desire to delve deeper with people should you be prepared to do so. 

I am a refined young lady, while also oozing sensuality, and having a playful naughtiness. 


Let me indulge in the hedonist within you, that also lives in me. 

Let me be the reason for the smile on your face, and the sinful thoughts in your head. 




Name: Serena del Rey Main City: Toronto, ON Sex: Female Sex Preference: Bi-Sexual Body Type: Curvy Measurements: 36DDD-32-42 Height: 5' 10" Weight: 170 lbs Race/Ethnic: Eastern European Age: 29 Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Auburn Red Body Piercings: A few Breast Implants: No Tattoos?: None Available to: Men, Women, Couples

Pick Your Pleasure

I am delighted to see that you have chosen to pursue pleasure. 
I look forward to igniting our passion again, or initiating new sparks.



Please note that rates are different for incalls and outcalls.
The incall rate is higher as booking this way is a convenience to you as a client. You do not have to book a hotel or have me over at your home, but I pay an incall fee to use a space.

If your outcall location is outside of the downtown core, expect a travel fee on top of my rate.

Rates are listed in Canadian (CAD) currency, and prefer to receive my rate in CAD dollars. USD is accepted at a 1:1 ratio

I accept cash as payment method, and interac e-transfer only for deposits on travel.

Rates are non-negotiable. 


Due to COVID-19, I have implemented a TWO (2) HOUR MINIMUM booking time. 

I will not be accepting shorter dates at this time. Thank you for your understanding.


1 hour $400 $350 
90 minutes $600 $550 
2 hours  $800  $700
3 hours  $1200 $1000
4 hours  $1400 $1200
5 hours  $1600 $1400
8 hours  - $2000
12 hours  - $3000
24 hours  - $4000



Upon my or your arrival, please present to me the rate in full within the first few minutes. Do not make me have to ask you for this. An envelope is preferred, however placing the cash in clear sight or handing it directly to me is fine too. Have the correct amount ready upon my arrival, and do not count your cash in front of me like a bank teller.



I am available in downtown Toronto and surrounding areas. 

I have access to an incall located near the West Queen West area. It is a discrete, spacious, cozy loft with greenery and homey touches. Once you complete screening, and we have booked a date, you will receive the major intersection that the incall is located by. The day before the booking, I will contact you to confirm our date for the next day, and following that, will provide you with the exact address of the incall. On the day of the booking, when you arrive to the address, I ask that you text or call me, and I will let you know the entry code and room number. 

For outcalls, I will visit you at upscale hotels, or if we have connected previously, at your home



My rates remain consistent for individuals and couples, and I enjoy meeting with people of all gender, race/ethnicity, and ability. 

I am more than thrilled for appointments that have extra thought put into them; whether it be a role play scenario, a fetish you want to fulfill, or an activity that you would like to do together. You are more than welcome to get creative with our dates, but please let me know of these requests so we can plan accordingly and in advance. See "Desires & Indulgences" to get a taste of what I am into.

For dates that are 4 hours or longer, there should be some type of food and beverage offered. If we are to go out for dinner, I request that you let me know where and when this will happen so that I can plan accordingly. 

Celebrity and public figure confidentiality agreements are welcome. 

If you have a date in mind that is longer than the listed rates, or involves travel (I am passport ready), please inquire for further planning and rates.



Unfortunate circumstances can occur. You get sick, your schedule changes, life is unpredictable, I understand. Please note that if you do not cancel within 5 hours of the time before our date, I will require a 50% cancellation fee before you are able to book me again. 

As a companion, I will do my very best to never cancel on you. Unforseen circumstances can happen, and I assure you if I must cancel on you, it is for valid reason.


Please note that prebookings and longer bookings will take priority in my calendar. 

If the date states that I am "off", I will not be available for bookings that day. If the day is blank, there is a possibility that I have availability that day/evening. Inquire with a few dates and time frames that work for you, and let's set something up! 

For those who I have not met yet, or have not seen in the last year, I will require you to fill out a screening form which you can find under "Introduce Yourself". Please note that it will take some time to go over your screening info, and especially to check your references, and it is encouraged to get this out of the way in advance. 

I am willing to make appointments with frequent and familiar clients with less notice. 

Here's to hoping our schedules align! 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19, I am implementing a 2 hour minimum booking time, with priority given to regular clients.



For Your Eyes

Desires & Indulgences


(if you were going to ask) 


cuisine: Mediteranian, Japanese, seafood, breakfast foods

beverage: San Pelligrino, pineapple juice, tea 

alcoholic beverage: bourbon, red wine, sparkling wine 

flower: roses

sweets: Lindt chocolates, matcha green tea flavoured desserts

jewelry: gold/rose gold, simplistic and classic styles 

lingerie: stockings, garter belts, high-waisted thongs 

colours: black, deep red 




(never expected, but always appreciated)

If you would like to send me a gift voucher, please send this to my alternative G-mail address:

I appreciate gift vouchers from:

Luxuria Studio

Black Lotus Photo


Float Toronto

Body Blitz Spa

Elmwood Spa



Honey Birdette

Westwardbound Latex

Good For Her



(should you like to adventure together) 





-live music/dancing 

-the beach/boating

-adult clubs 

-thrill seeking activities 

-unique events




(should vanilla not be enough for you) 


Here are some BDSM practices I would be thrilled to participate in with you.

I am not comfortable taking on a submissive role. I am not your lady for that. 

I will be taking on a dominant role in these scenarios in a safe, sane, and consensual way: 



-sensual domination

-foot & body worship 

-financial domination

-strap-on / pegging / prostate play

-cross-dressing / forced feminization

-bondage & impact play 

-wax play 

-pet play / puppy play 

-male chastity / confinement



I have my own implements, bondage gear, and strap-on harness, however due to the personal nature of toys, I will require you to have your own, or I can purchase them for you at the full price of the item(s). 



Is there something else you had in mind? Reach out to me! 

Arrange a Date

***I require all new clients, or clients whom I have not seen recently to fill out the screening form before I am able to proceed with a booking. This can be found by clicking on the title at the top of my webpage called "Introduce Yourself".***


If you are a client I have seen before and you are ready to book a date or inquire about my availaility or a special request, please email me at or send a text message my way at 647-797-5266. I will reply to you within a reasonabe time frame, usually within 24 hours. 


My preferred method of communication is email, however I will reply to text messages that are to the point and well thought out. 


Text messages from people that I am not familiar with should only be sent to me because you have completed the booking/screening form, and are inquiring about if I have received it (if I have not replied to your request within 48 hours). 


Rude and time wasting communication will not be responded to. 


Let’s get virtual..

During these uncertain times with COVID-19, where we are socially isolating and deprived of human interaction, we can count on technology, the internet and social media to keep us connected. 


Since most companions are choosing to not take in-person bookings for the foreseeable future due to this pandemic, we must come up with other ways to maintain our relationships with clients and to continue our livelihood. 


It is lucky that I have been interested in exploring different avenues of connecting with clients aside from in-person dates. This is especially suitable for this time, and also into the future.. perhaps for clients who are long-distance and do not always make their way into Toronto and want to stay in touch or have a small piece of me for themselves. 






Text Session 

(up to 30 mins: $50)


Phone Call 

(up to 30 mins: $100)


A quick pick-me-up, whether it be some sexy phrases that you want to hear from someone to give you that sweet release, or someone who will listen to you talk about your day and how you are feeling. 


Instagram Direct Message Flirtation 

(up to 30 minutes: $100)


Slip into my DM’s and let’s exchange some messages and a few fleeting photos and video clips to stimulate some excitement. I do not show my full face in photo or video. 


Solo Play Video 

(up to 10 minutes/ as long as it takes for me to cum: $300)
Get a peek into my most intimate time alone. If you want, you can pick what toys I use out of my collection. This is recorded for you. I do not show my full face in video. 

This is only available for regular clients.





Text Session 

(up to 30 minutes: $60, up to 1 hour: $120) 


Phone Call 

(up to 30 minutes: $120, up to 1 hour: $240) 


You want me to tell you what to do, to tell you all of the sexual favours you will perform to please me, to order you around, take what I want. You want me to tease and deny you, to humiliate / degrade you, play with you like you are my toy and do with you whatever I please. 


Pay piggies: findom is always available. I will not hesitate to take your money. 


Instagram Direct Message Domination 

(up to 30 minutes: $120, up to 1 hour: $240) 


Although, If you slip into my DM’s, you had better prove yourself to be worthy of my attention. 


Custom Fetish Videos

 ($100++, pricing varies, inquire via email) 


Are you into feet, stockings, heels, latex, a sensual vintage-inspired striptease, etc.? 

Custom recorded for you. 


I do not show my full face in videos, however I can wear my latex hood that disguises my identity, but reveals my eyes and mouth as I speak to you. 


For more information, send all inquiries by email to: .


Payments must be made ahead of time for all interactions & video content to be curated.  


Payments are accepted via

 Interac E-Transfer


 Gift Cards to President’s Choice (Loblaws) or Amazon. 


E-Transfers and Gift Cards are to be sent to: .


President’s Choice (Loblaw’s) Giftcard


Amazon Giftcard